Oregon Women for Agriculture does everything possible to see that agricultural interests are heard and dealt with fairly. This includes interacting with the legislature, visiting the men and women who represent us. We have an adopt-a-legislator program that allows our members to easily connect and converse with those at the state capitol.

Oregon Women for Agriculture is also a member of Ag-PAC. Ag-PAC is a coalition of natural resource based organizations who endorse candidates and measures that are supportive of farming, ranching and timber industries.

Oregon Women for Agriculture is a non-partisan organization who focuses solely on the issues that affect all of agriculture.

Learn more about our positions on issues:

2016 OWA Issue Positions

2014 American Agri-Women Position Statements

Five OWA Members Travel to Washington DC for AAW Fly-In

Each year in June, American Agri-Women hosts a Legislative Fly-In for those interested in speaking to their legislators, agencies, and other professionals in Washington D.C. about current agricultural issues and policies while relying upon your own opinions as well as AAW’s Position Statements. The 2016 Fly-In included Monument Tours, an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Briefing, the annual AAW Symposium: Rippling Effects of Aquifer Depletion, a visit to the New Zealand embassy and more.



For more information please contact Marie Bowers Stagg.

Advocate Posts

Grass Seed

Comment on Worker Protection Standard Rulemaking

OWA is OPPOSED to Ban on Aerial Spraying

Seven Things You Should Know About Large Dairies

OWA Opposes Measure 97


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