Oregon Women for Agriculture is a dedicated group that works together to communicate the story of today’s agriculture.

  • We provide crop identification signs along major roads to educate drivers on the crops being grown in Oregon.
  • We provide volunteers & fundraising for Oregon AgFest in Salem every year, reaching 18,000 people.
  • At the country level we volunteer at local events to spread the story of all types of agriculture.
  • We put together bus ads and radio spots in metropolitan areas to help citizens understand where their food comes from.
  • Our presence at fairs, festivals and trade shows promote Oregon Agriculture.
  • We provide support for teachers who participate in Summer Agriculture Institute at Oregon State University and Eastern Oregon University.
  • Many members volunteer and support Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom with its literacy projects and hands on learning events.
  • Many members volunteer and support Oregon Aglink’s Adopt a Farmer program serving as field trip hosts.

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The 2017 Ag Fest is Coming April 29-30th

Know a teacher? Encourage them to participate in SAI!

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