Celebrate Oregon Agriculture

Celebrate Oregon Agriculture: Wheat

Posted on: October 11th, 2014

by Marie Bowers

Polk county member and OWA 2nd Vice President Tiffany Marx talks about how family farms like hers grow Oregon wheat.

Wheat Facts

  • 90% of wheat grown in Oregon is exported
  • Wheat ranks #6 in Oregon’s top crops
  • Wheat is the #1 product exported through the Port of Portland
  • Oregon wheat producers raise primarily soft white wheat, which makes the best pastries, cakes, pretzels, cookies and the Asian noodles we know as ramen

Celebrate Oregon Agriculture: Tree Fruits

Posted on: October 10th, 2014

by Marie Bowers

Marion-Clackamas member Lauren Olson talks about the bountiful Oregon tree fruits that Oregon farm families grow!

Tree Fruit Facts: 

  • Oregon farmers produce an average of 48 pounds of pears, apples, sweet cherries and peaches per person in Oregon
  • The pear is Oregon’s state fruit, which is the #10 in top crops produced
  • Oregon State developed the current Maraschino Cherry
  • Oregon and Washington produce 84% of the nation’s fresh pear crop

Celebrate Oregon Agriculture: Specialty Seeds

Posted on: October 8th, 2014

by Marie Bowers

Central Oregon Women for Agriculture President Jessica Hanna spoke about Oregon’s specialty seed crop industry!

Facts about Oregon Specialty Seed


Read more about why Oregon rocks at vegetable seed growing here!

Celebrate Oregon Agriculture: Grass Seed

Posted on: October 7th, 2014

by Marie Bowers

Elle Coon of Oak Park Farms talks about the grass seed that Oregon farm families grow!

Facts about Grass Seed 

  • Oregon grows over 2/3 of the world’s supply of cool season grasses
  • Oregon grass seed is turf and forage varieties meaning it can end up in a family’s yard to feeding the beef and lamb you eat!
  • Oregon grass seed was used in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil
  • 1,500 farms make grass seed one of the top five crops grown in Oregon
  • A lawn of just 50 square feet releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four.


Celebrate Oregon Agriculture: Meadowfoam

Posted on: October 6th, 2014

by Marie Bowers

Facts about Meadowfoam

  • 3000-4000 acres of meadowfoam is grown in the Willamette Valley annually
  •  The Willamette Valley has an ideal climate and soils for the production of meadowfoam; meadowfoam is planted in the fall and begins blooming in early May with seed harvest occurring in late June
  •   Meadowfoam can have as many as 80-100 million flowers per acre at full bloom
  • Meadowfoam is found in many common cosmetic products.

Find out more at Meadowfoam.com and on Pinterest 

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