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Linn Benton Chapter Spring Update

Posted on: April 5th, 2017

by Jessica Jansen

Happy Spring! Linn Benton members gathered at the Adair Officer’s Club and had a fun social on Tuesday, February 7th. The evening included door prizes, social bingo, distribution of baskets to fill for auction, great food and short presentations about what there is to do in our organization. There were 43 members and guests in attendance.  Cherie Taylor, 2016 SAI Graduate and lead instructor at the Urban Farm Program in Corvallis was our speaker.

State Convention, hosted by Marion Clackamas, was awesome and we had 14 members attend and enjoy the Oregon Gardens. The tours and the speakers were excellent! Thank you!

Our March meeting was hosted by Mary Hood at her North Albany home. Mary’s whole family worked together to make us feel welcome and very well fed! Our chapter donation for the auction will be a Seafood Dinner for 10 to be delivered to the buyer’s home and a separate item of Scentsy Products. Individual members submitted their donation forms as well.

The chapter is finishing an OWA Commodity Quilt that was discovered mostly done. The final eight quilt blocks were distributed and will be gathered back at the May meeting to be assembled. Arlene Kovash was a key person in the original quilt project!

The chapter voted to participate in both our county fairs, support a letter of support in the Benton County Voter’s Pamphlet  for funding of Benton County Extension. We also voted to give money to assist Cailey Fraser, an agriculture major at OSU, in her quest to become Miss Oregon.

Members, Laurie Schrock and Dona Coon, put together a lunch at the Shedd Fire Hall for the Urban Farm Students during their tour of Boston Mill and Oak Park Farm Windmills. LB donated supplies for the students to prepare soups and process their vegetables from their school garden.

Shireen Malpass was presented with her LEAVEN award at our March meeting as she was unable to attend the state convention. Congratulations Shireen! You are very dear to us.

Scholarship Applications were distributed and discussed. Shelly Boshart Davis is chair and has updated the information on our website. These are due April 15th. Sigma Alpha reported on their Professional Women in Agriculture Symposium that they hosted at the Memorial Union on April 3rd. Their fundraiser Spaghetti Feed to promote AITC will be held May 20th.

Points for Profit held their awards event on March 21st and Linn Benton was awarded second place which equates to $2,000 to use for educational projects during 2017. Woo Hoo! A big thank you goes to Kristi Miller and Chris McDowell who wade through all those receipts each month.

Our April meeting will be held at Sue Kalina’s home and we will see you at Auction!!

Dona Coon, Linn-Benton President

Linn-Benton Chapter Winter Update

Posted on: January 3rd, 2017

by Jessica Jansen

Our November meeting was held at Dona Coon’s home on the 8th. A group met at 3 pm to assemble Christmas tree ornaments for Pape in Tangent. Carrie Corrado came with all the bits and pieces for the Farm Animal theme. It was a good time with laughing and glue involved. The tree was decorated on Tuesday, November 29. It was really lovely and customers actually brought ornaments to the counter and tried to purchase them! Quite a compliment ladies!

The regular meeting followed the work party. After eating dinner together, our members signed up for times to volunteer at the Willamette Valley Ag Show, organized by Jessica Jansen.  Linn Benton provided a basket for the Ag in the Classroom Auction. The crop identification sign program will be continued to be supported by Crop Production Services in Tangent and Pat Boren has volunteered to work with us. We discussed possible nominees for the Oregon Leaven Award and reviewed our participation at Girl Fest in Portland.

Girl Fest was attended by more than 3,000 girls and we were very busy all day! Elisa Chandler and her husband, Rick, went up the day before the event and set up a beautiful booth. Sujaya Rao brought displays of insects and even some live creatures to attract attention. Debbie Crocker, Emily Woodcock, Dona Coon and Michelle Carmony (M/C) assisted Elisa during the day. Elisa and Rick dismantled and hauled everything home. Nice work everyone!!

Members attended the December State Board Meeting in Salem and had no regular chapter meeting.

The January meeting will be held at the Eichler log cabin on Peoria Road Tuesday, January 10. Dinner will be served and our budget, meeting schedule and goals will be discussed.  Each member of the chapter is being asked to personally donate two items for the auction and to procure additional items from business’ they work with. Linn Benton is also hosting the January State Board Meeting at the Boulder Falls Inn, Lebanon. We are planning a winter social for Tuesday, February 7 at a location yet to be determined. We had such a good time last year bringing members we hadn’t seen for some time and potential new members together.

Can’t wait to see everyone at the State Convention in Silverton.

Dona Coon, Linn-Benton Chapter President

“Have You Thanked a Blade of Grass Today?”

Posted on: November 13th, 2015

by Marie Bowers

Since the formation of Oregon Women for Agriculture in 1968, our mission has always been to “Communicate the Story of Today’s Agriculture.” True to our mission around 1972 OWA put their efforts towards making an informational video about the Grass Seed Capital of the World. The result was “Have You Thanked a Blade of Grass Today?”

Charity Bowers, a charter member of OWA who passed in away in 2013, was instrumental in getting the fundraising for “Have You Thanked a Blade of Grass Today?” In her memory, money was donated to the Linn-Benton Chapter of OWA.  The chapter is now in the process of updating and re-creating the informational video.

“Have You Thanked a Blade of Grass Today?” goal was to tell the story of Oregon’s Willamette Valley’s top crop, Grass Seed. In the last 40 years equipment has progressed, practices have changed and the varieties of grass seed grown have been altered slightly. However, as the video states, “…the Valley belongs to grass.”

Thank you to the Oregon Historical Society and their archivist Matthew Cowan for helping the Linn-Benton chapter of Oregon Women for Agriculture moving images and video. Thanks to their help we have a digital file that is in remarkable condition from such a long time ago.

Have You Thanked a Blade of Grass Today?

Benton County Fair!

Posted on: July 9th, 2015

by Arwen McGilvra

It County Fair time! Our Linn-Benton chapter is helping with an activity booth at the Benton County Fair on July 29 – Aug 1st. The activity is grinding wheat into flour and answering questions about wheat germination and uses of wheat. There will be an instruction sheet at the booth and there will be student volunteers to assist.

Volunteer Now



OWA Member wins America’s Farm Mom!

Posted on: May 7th, 2015

by Marie Bowers

Oregon Women for Agriculture member Shelly Boshart Davis has been chosen by voters as America’s Farm Mom!

Shelly Boshart Davis


From Capital Press:

Farming’s “Mom of the Year” runs a grass seed, wheat, hazelnut and radish operation in Oregon with her husband and three daughters.

Oregon’s Shelly Boshart Davis prevailed in 11 days of on-line voting and is 2015 National Farm Mom of the Year.

The contest, sponsored by Monsanto Co. in conjunction with American Agri-Women, honors women for their involvement with their families, farms, communities and the agricultural industry, according to a Monsanto news release.

Davis won $10,000 for getting the most votes in the contest. She grows grass seed, wheat, radishes and hazelnuts on her family’s farm near Albany, Ore., and is a vice president in her family’s straw pressing, trucking and exporting companies. She and her husband, Geoff, have three daughters.

The other regional finalists were Megan Seibel of Virginia, Shelley Heinrich of Texas, Amy Kelsay of Indiana and Sara Ross of Iowa. Each of them was awarded $5,000.

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