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Polk Chapter Fall Update

Posted on: November 22nd, 2017

by Jessica Jansen

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Polk County OWA has been busy this summer! Here’s what we’ve been working on:

At the Polk County Fair – We presented our “Explore Opportunities in Agriculture” display board with brochures detailing a few of the many jobs available in agriculture. We also helped manage the Passport Program. As people entered the fairgrounds, we encouraged them to grab a passport and walk around the grounds to find specific items. Once they found nearly everything, they came back to our booth to get a prize. It was a fun game for parents to do with their kids. We had a lot of adults participate too. Fair managers were pleased with our involvement and asked us to help with the project again next year. Our group had a great experience.

The 2017 Constitutional Essay is ready to go out to Polk, Marion and Benton County students, grades 9-12. This year’s contestants are asked to answer one of these three questions:

  1. The constitution provides protections from government intrusion. When is a police search of your locker, backpack, cell phone and/or computer constitutional? Do you agree with this standard, and why?
  2. How does the Constitution protect your right to free speech as a student? What are some limitations to your right to protest at school (time, location, method)? Do you agree with these limitations, and why?
  3. What right does the Second Amendment protect? What restrictions has Oregon placed on this right? If you enjoy activities like hunting, how do these restrictions affect your right to engage in these activities? Do you support or oppose these restrictions, and why?

Email entries by December 31, 2017 to Arlene Kovash at kovasha@gmail.com Prizes awarded will be $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place. Also, each entry will receive a $5 Dutch Bros. card and a pocket Constitution.  A bonus prize of a $10 Dutch Bros. card will be given if you submit a creative meme on the Constitution, to be published on Facebook or other social media. Contest information and rules are available on the OWA website and on our Facebook page www.facebook.com /PolkCountyWomenforAg

Ideas for later this fall include viewing the “Food Evolution” movie together to better inform ourselves and friends about GMOs. We are also considering helping with Career Connect Expo on October 11th at the Polk County Fairgrounds. Willamette Education Service District is organizing the event exposing students to career options in Ag and natural resources. Their goal is to help change the culture of college for all. College options will also be promoted but they are trying to help students think more about a career for all, which will lead to better planning on their part. They are also offering an expo in Yamhill County on October 26th.

Polk County OWA meets on the second Monday of each month at 11:30 AM at the Eola Inn, Rock n Rogers Restaurant in west Salem. All are welcome to attend.

Have a wonderful fall!

Diann Washburn, President

Polk Chapter Summer Update

Posted on: July 14th, 2017

by Jessica Jansen

Polk county meets on the second Monday of each month at 11:30 AM at the Eola Inn, Rock n Rogers Restaurant in west Salem. All are welcome to join us!

Arlene Kovash traveled to two AAW events this year, (the Mid-Year Meeting and Fly In), and Deb Thomas helped with Ag Fest.

Our monthly meetings have been focused on gaining new members and brainstorming goals for the year. We recently had guest speaker Emily Gluckin, from Polk Tourism Alliance, share with us grant opportunities in Polk county, through Travel Oregon. Our group was inspired to look at ways to promote agriculture and OWA in our county!

Since our Constitutional Essay Contest had only one entry last year. We have decided to change the essay format to a presentation format. Students are more connected to social media and youtube than essays. Tiffany Marx asked her daughter Cameron to poll her classmates regarding the contest. Based on their input we will restructure the contest and offer the updated version in September, when students return to school.

We will have a booth at the Polk County Fair, August 10th through August 12th. We will also help the fairgrounds with their passport program for children and adults. We will be using our display board “Agriculture Needs You” detailing just a few of the many jobs available in agriculture. We have brochures that go along with the display. Polk County OWA members, Danielle Meyersick and Mallory Lucas created the display and brochure. They did an awesome job! Benton county OWA has asked to use the display for their fair too. We welcome getting the information out, so please let us know if you’d like to borrow it for an event!

Another idea we hope to finalize at our July meeting is a promotional flyer/postcard to be used during the eclipse in August. Ideas included a map of hotspots in Polk county, ag facts and a link to the OWA website.


Have a great summer!

Diann Washburn, President

Polk Chapter Spring Update

Posted on: April 5th, 2017

by Jessica Jansen

The Polk County ladies provided an Ag table at the Mid-Valley Winter AgFest, held at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall February 25th & 26th. It was a success. Thank you to our membership for their time at the event and to Deb Thomas for her hard work and efforts organizing the event. We look forward to participating again next year.


The winner of the Constitutional Essay Contest was our only entry, Sarah Kenyon of Salem. Disappointing for our members as we had expanded the contest into Benton and Marion County. We plan to update our approach and explore using social media to engage with students. We are also considering changing the contest to a presentation format instead of an essay. The thought is that students might participate if they can create a short video presentation instead of writing an essay. Arlene Kovash will report on the project at the AAW Midyear meeting.


We welcome new members, Susan Morrill and Abby Fitts! Mary Beuthin with Benton county OWA also joined us for our March meeting and plans to stop by when she can. We have a brand new slate of officers. They are as follows: Diann Washburn, President, Deb Thomas Vice President, Mallory Lucas, Secretary, Lindsey Myers, Corresponding Secretary and Tiffany Marx, Treasurer. Our next few meetings will focus on what direction the group wants to go and outreach to potential Polk county members. Our next meeting will be on Monday, April 10th at 11:30 AM at the Eola Inn, Rock n Rogers Restaurant in Salem. We meet on the second Monday of each month. Join us!


Diann Washburn, President, PCWA

Polk Chapter Winter Update

Posted on: January 3rd, 2017

by Jessica Jansen

The New Year brings a new event.  Saturday, January 7 is our Annual Meeting from 10 am to 2 pm at Loydee Stonebrink’s home on Rickreall Road.  This will be a brainstorming meeting on “What are our goals as a county chapter?, What do we do well as a chapter?, What new or different things could we do?”  Lunch will be provided, as long as Arlene knows you’re coming Please email her at kovasha@gmail.com.

Polk County Chapter has been busy contacting the 45 public schools in Benton, Marion, and Polk Counties with information on the 2016 Constitutional Essay Contest.  This year we expanded the Contest to include Marion and Benton counties.  The 2016 question for entrants is, “If the 1787 Constitution were presented today, would it be ratified. Why, or why not?”.  Deadline is December 31 so by the time you read this we hope to have email boxes full of entries.

Three members attended AAW Convention and one member volunteered at AgExpo. We donated $200 in support of OR FFA State Reporter, Zanden Unger, to attend a two week international leadership conference in South Africa.

We plan to use the “Agriculture Needs You!” display and materials we had at the Polk County Fair at a booth at the Mid-Valley Winter Ag Fest in February. The display talks about career opportunities in agriculture and the shortage of graduates to fill those jobs.

We were saddened to hear of the deaths of long time members Barbara Mulkey, daughter of Jeree and Paul Mulkey, and Elsie Werth.  Condolences to their families, they will be missed.

Carol Marx, Polk Chapter President

Polk County’s 2015 Constitutional Essay Contest

Posted on: September 12th, 2015

by Marie Bowers

In recognition of Constitution Day on September 17, Polk County Women for Agriculture announces the subject of its fifth annual Constitutional Essay Contest. “Name five things you learned when you read the Constitution and write a paragraph about each” is this year’s task for Polk County High School students.

Prizes are first place $300, second place $200, and third place $100. The contest is open to any high school student, or home school equivalent, that either lives in Polk County or attends a Polk County school. Essays should be no longer than 500 words and should be emailed to Arlene Kovash by the December 31, 2015, deadline.

More information:

2015 Constitutional Essay

Polk County students, grades 9-12 are invited to enter the Fifth Annual Polk County Women for Agriculture Constitutional Essay Contest.

This year contestants are asked to “Name Five things you learned when you read the Constitution and write a paragraph about each.”

Prizes awarded will be 1st place $300, 2nd place $200, 3rd place $100. Each winner will also receive two books on the Constitution by Oregon author Mary Webster.

Also, each student who enters will receive a pocket copy of the Constitution.


  1. Contest is open only to Polk County students in grades 9-12, or the home school equivalent.
  2. Each entry should be the sole product of the student’s work.
  3. Each entry should be submitted electronically and no longer than 500 words. When we receive your essay we will send an email confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation, please telephone.
  4. Submissions will be judged on understanding of the Constitution, clear thinking and writing, presentation, grammar and spelling.
  5. Submissions should include the writer’s name, age, grade, school, home address, home telephone, and e-mail address. Winners will be notified by telephone or email.
  6. Entries will not be returned. Entries may be published.
  7. Essays must be emailed by December 31, 2015.
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