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Polk County’s 2015 Constitutional Essay Contest

Posted on: September 12th, 2015

by Marie Bowers

In recognition of Constitution Day on September 17, Polk County Women for Agriculture announces the subject of its fifth annual Constitutional Essay Contest. “Name five things you learned when you read the Constitution and write a paragraph about each” is this year’s task for Polk County High School students.

Prizes are first place $300, second place $200, and third place $100. The contest is open to any high school student, or home school equivalent, that either lives in Polk County or attends a Polk County school. Essays should be no longer than 500 words and should be emailed to Arlene Kovash by the December 31, 2015, deadline.

More information:

2015 Constitutional Essay

Polk County students, grades 9-12 are invited to enter the Fifth Annual Polk County Women for Agriculture Constitutional Essay Contest.

This year contestants are asked to “Name Five things you learned when you read the Constitution and write a paragraph about each.”

Prizes awarded will be 1st place $300, 2nd place $200, 3rd place $100. Each winner will also receive two books on the Constitution by Oregon author Mary Webster.

Also, each student who enters will receive a pocket copy of the Constitution.


  1. Contest is open only to Polk County students in grades 9-12, or the home school equivalent.
  2. Each entry should be the sole product of the student’s work.
  3. Each entry should be submitted electronically and no longer than 500 words. When we receive your essay we will send an email confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation, please telephone.
  4. Submissions will be judged on understanding of the Constitution, clear thinking and writing, presentation, grammar and spelling.
  5. Submissions should include the writer’s name, age, grade, school, home address, home telephone, and e-mail address. Winners will be notified by telephone or email.
  6. Entries will not be returned. Entries may be published.
  7. Essays must be emailed by December 31, 2015.

Polk County Women for Agriculture’s Constitutional Essay Winners

Posted on: October 10th, 2014

by Marie Bowers

Farmers provide for pets was the theme of Polk County Women for Ag’s table display in the Ag First tent at the Polk County Fair in August. People passed through the tent to enter the Fair so it was great exposure. We had pet treat recipes, and a drawing for a bucket of pet items we purchased or received as donations. The drawing entry ticket included a box to ‘Check if you want more information on Polk Co. Women for Agriculture’ which had a great response and we’ll soon reach out to those interested.

At the PC Fair Youth Livestock Auction we purchased two animals with funds that were donated to the pool we manage for community members who want to support the youth, but not purchase an animal.

Next we continued the pet theme with the OWA State Fair booth, which was well received. Check out the photos of our great volunteers.

Two first-place winners were chosen for the fourth annual PCWA Constitutional Essay Contest. Sascha Hull and Naomi Morgan, both home-schooled students from Dallas will each receive a $125 award. Second place went to Jeremiah Morgan and third to Saarah Johnson. In addition to cash prizes, the winners receive two books on the Constitution and the Federalist Papers written by Mary E. Webster donated by the Western Institute for Nature, Resources, Education and Policy (WINREP).

The 2014 essay question for the students was to write the Declaration of Independence in their own words. Here are the beginning paragraphs of our first place winners. Sascha said,

“All the 13 States of America agree with these statements

If an oppressed nation requires its own freedom, equality, and power from the oppressing nation, they ought to assure the world that they possess reasons for their actions and state them.

Believing this is obvious, we declare that God created men equal to each other with certain privileges including the rights to be born, live and die, with free choices leading to their eventual joy.

In these interests, mankind founds governments that operate only as long as the public allows and, if one of these governments restricts rather than defends these privileges, the public of the nation may change or exchange that government for one based on true virtues and organized in a way that that will keep them safe and happy.”

Naomi wrote,

“When a portion of men find sufficient cause to separate from their former government, and to set up a new government according to their view of liberty and justice, it is reasonable that they set down the causes for their separation.

We know these truths to be universal: that all men are created equal; that God has given men certain unchangeable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Governments ought to preserve these rights, but when they do not, the people are justified in abolishing them and creating new government which will protect their rights.”

Polk County Women Prepare for Busy Summer

Posted on: June 10th, 2014

by Marie Bowers

PCWA is in charge of the OWA booth at the State Fair this year. We’re planning a pet theme, From Farm to Furry Friends, Who Feeds Your Pets, and focus on agriculture products that are used in the food and supplies you use to care for your pet.   Everyone loves their pets, and loves to talk about them.

The best item we can have in the Fair booth is you! A friendly face sharing a few words about ag does wonders for the image of our industry. Every volunteer gets entry into the fair. The sign-up sheet is online, so you can secure a time slot that is most convenient for you.   Just go to owaonline.org, scroll down to the bottom click on the Oregon State Fair logo and the sign up sheet will open.

We’ve received several entries for the Constitutional Essay Contest. The deadline is July 4 and winners will be announced in September.

PCWA will once again sponsor a pool for the Polk County Fair Youth Livestock Auction. Individuals and businesses can support the hardworking youngsters by donating into the pool and we bid and purchase animals at the Auction.

Polk October Report

Posted on: October 11th, 2013

by Arwen McGilvra

Polk County Women for Agriculture met in August at the Polk Co. Fair right before the Youth Livestock Auction.  We added $500. from the PCWA Treasury to the Auction pool we sponsor for donors. Suzanne Burbank and Jeree Mulkey handled the bidding and finances and we ended up spending $1,457. on a pig, a lamb, and some chickens.

Members worked at the OWA State Fair booth. Also, we sent a letter to the editor to the Statesman thanking Salem Mayor Anna Peterson for her focus on agriculture as an economic strength of our region.
We were delighted with a successful Constitutional Essay Contest and plan on continuing this next year with a different question.

Rain and wind on September 28th compelled Polk County Women for Agriculture to cancel our booth at the Independence Hop and Heritage Festival.

We nominated Elmer and Geraldine Stoller for the Diamond Pioneer Award which they will receive Oct. 2.  The Stoller family were turkey growers for many years.  Now their son grows crops and has a stand on Hwy 22 selling corn and other wonderful produce.
Carol Marx
Polk County President

March Report

Posted on: April 1st, 2013

by Arwen McGilvra

The weather was perfect, the conversations lively, and the speakers were intriguing at the 2013 OWA Convention hosted by PCWA.

Thank You to our speakers. Darin Grimm, president of Ag Chat Foundation who is a self confessed introvert yet leads this social networking group to advocate for agriculture.  OWA’s Corresponding Sec., Arwen McGilvra led the Tweet and Chat time with prizes for members who found answers to questions. Dr. Steven Strauss, Director of OSU’s Outreach in Biotech presented a biotechnology overview and societies perceptions on this science.  AAW President Karen Yost shared her concerns and challenged us to continue stepping forward for agriculture.  OWA’s Lauren Olson gave members instructions on the OWA website.  Ulrike Mengelberg with the Energy Trust Program of Oregon encouraged us to increase the efficiencies on our farms through the financial incentives they provide.

Finally, at Friday night’s banquet, author Mary Webster described her journey to learn about and translate the Federalist Papers into modern language.

Thanks go to PCWA members Sandy Norman, Diann Washburn, Arlene Kovash, Jeree Mulkey, Terrie Reisner, Tiffany Marx, and Emmy Domes for their hard work on the 2013 OWA Convention.

Especially A Huge Thank You to our Sponsors:

  • Wilbur-Ellis
  • Syngenta
  • Derry Warehouse Co.
  • Kirk and Sons Hazelnuts
  • Horton Farms, Inc.
  • Oregon Women in Timber
  • Wilco
  • Washburn Contract Services
  • Ag West Supply
  • Capital Press
  • Cherry Country
  • Figaro’s in Independence
  • Hearthbeat Florist
  • Independence Liquor Store
  • Kettle Chips
  • Less Schwab
  • Salishan Spa and Resort

PCWA publicized and sold tickets for the Feb 23 Dallas FFA Alumni Assn. Hearts and Wines Scholarship Fundraiser Dinner. The dinner was well attended, bidding during the dessert auction was generous, and we earned $750!  It was great fun and the desserts were delicious.

The 2013 Polk County Constitutional Essay Contest question is, “How is the Constitution still relevant today?” and we are getting the word out to Polk high school students.  Prizes are first $300, second $200, and third $100 with a July 4 deadline.  For more information contact any member.

“No Farms, No Food” is the text for our current Independence Cinema ad.

2013-14 PCWA officers are president Carol Marx, vice president Arlene Kovash, secretary Diann Washburn, and treasurer Jeree Mulkey.

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