Yamhill Chapter

Yamhill County Spring Update

Posted on: April 14th, 2018

by Jessica Jansen

We are gearing up for Auction coming very soon and Ag Fest as well.  Eunice is still looking for volunteers to man the Ag Fest booth; so if any of you would like to volunteer for the Saturday and Sunday after auction, she would really appreciate it.

We had our last month’s meeting at the Sheridan Museum of History, located in beautiful downtown Sheridan, OR.  It is a fantastic place to visit.  It’s a neat place to hold a meeting as well.  They have a lot of great artifacts and historical information dating back to the start of Yamhill and Polk Counties. Please contact Marge Gutbrod (her number is in the directory) if you need any more information about that.

Here in Yamhill County everything is either green or blooming. We have been applying fertilizer and crop protectants, and putting in bees for the fruit crops.  We have had a cool start to the spring but that’s about normal for this area.

We will be looking at our scholarship applicants at our next meeting which will be held on the Tuesday between Auction and Ag Fest.

Work safely!

Susie Kreder, President

Yamhill Chapter Fall Update

Posted on: November 22nd, 2017

by Jessica Jansen

We are  busy planning the 2018 State Convention,  Februrary 14-17th. Plans are coming together and it looks like it will be fun and educational!  Also we are planning on our annual gift pack sale for November and December.  If anyone would like to place orders early we will take them.  We will start ordering produce soon and packing takes place the second weekend of November so we will need to know soon if anyone wants a large number.  We usually package 125 gift packs and sell out over the holidays.


For more information, contact Susie Kreder, Yamhil County President, 503.864.2077 • bigal@onlinemac.com

Yamhill Chapter Summer Update

Posted on: July 14th, 2017

by Jessica Jansen


Yamhill County has been busy starting to plan the 2018 OWA State Convention.  We had our June meeting at Helle and Bruce Ruddenklau’s in Amity.  We invited our current and past few years OSU and Community College Scholarship recipients  to tell us how our scholarship has or will help them further their education. (Hot tip, serve ice cream at your meeting!) It was a fun night!

Some of us will be hosting SAI teachers for Session 1.  That is always fun. A word to folks who haven’t done it before.  Try it.  The teachers we have hosted have always been overwhelmed with the many things farmers are doing.  When else do you get the attention of people who are shaping future leaders than with a teacher?  You get to speak up not only how you make your living, but what you do with your life!  They find out that farming is a 24 hour job, seven days a week.  We usually get them out on the berry pickers at night and its amazing how big their eyes get! Unfortunately, we will have to settle to taking them on a trip to change evening irrigation since we aren’t picking berries yet.

Most of us are getting done planting our row and spring crops.  Blackberries are still a ways off yet as are blueberries; not too far.  So things are getting busy.

We don’t have a July meeting but we will have one August 8th at 7 pm at Citizens Bank in McMinnville. Hope harvest goes well and safely.

Susie Kreder, President Yamhill Chapter

Yamhill Chapter Spring Update

Posted on: April 5th, 2017

by Jessica Jansen

Fields here in the valley are like walking on a sponge full of glue!  At least the birds have started singing.  The grass is getting green but its not dry enough to put any fertilizer on. Same goes for the lawn that just keeps growing with no hope of mowing until maybe after Easter.  I know, complaining can’t help.

Yamhill County Women for Ag have started seeing interest in our community college scholarship.  A few high school councilors have called me to inquire.  We try to have a decision made by the time graduation gets here so we can award it during senior night.

We are looking forward to the OWA Auction next month and are busy collecting donations.

Some of us have been busy at the Capitol voicing our opinions about a number of different concerns.

Susie Kreder, Yamhill Co. President

Yamhill Chapter Winter Update

Posted on: January 3rd, 2017

by Jessica Jansen

Yamhill County Women for Ag put together our annual gift boxes again this year – we’ve done this more than 40 years! We sell them to raise money to support our scholarships and grants.

Our gift boxes are made up of product mostly donated by local farmers such as Kauer Farms – hazelnuts; Scenery Farms – prunes; McKee Farms – walnuts; Meduri Farms – dried apples; and Oregon Cherry Growers – maraschino cherries. With the help of our local Wilco Stores (Thanks Wilco) in McMinnville and Newberg we sold out all of our gift boxes this year.

The FFA in our area are encouraged to apply for a $200 grant (we have seven local chapters) for projects that benefit the entire chapter.  Our county 4-H can apply for a grant for $500 for projects that benefit the entire county.

We also have two scholarships: one for $1,000 for an OSU student in agriculture; and one for $750 for any community college student earning a degree toward a career in agriculture. We also donate towards AITC and SAI. We have those that receive the scholarships report back to us at a local meeting. The MITCH Charter School in Tualatin bought a large quantity this year. The school curriculum is based on agriculture.

At our January meeting we will be hearing from Karla Erovick, Director of Marketing & Events with the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce. She wants to talk about how we can support ag tourism. We also will be working towards starting our scholarship applications and discussing how we can best support AITC and SAI.

Coming up in April, we are looking forward to AgFest! Always looking for volunteers to help out.

Our meetings are usually held the third or fourth Tuesday each month.  We will be meeting January 17th at 7 pm at Citizens Bank in McMinnville.  If anyone would like to attend or needs further information or directions, please email me.

Susie Kreder, Yamhill Chapter President


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