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Polk County
Polk County Officers

President: Diann Washburn

Vice President: Deb Thomas

Recording Secretary: Mallory Lucas

Treasurer: Tiffany Marx

Corresponding Secretary: Lindsey Myers

Polk County Women for Agriculture meets on the second Monday of each month, at 11:30 am at area restaurants. Contact us for location.

Christmas Potluck- Monday, December 11. Click here for an invitation.

Constitution Essay Contest

The 2017 contest is now open and accepting entries, please click here to download the 2017 Contest Information. Entries must be emailed by December 31, 2017! 

Congratulations to Sarah Kenyon of Salem for her winning entry for our 2016 Constitutional Essay Contest.

2011 – “Which do you think is the most important amendment to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights, and why?”

2012 – “How do you believe the founding fathers’ agriculture backgrounds helped shape the Constitution?”

2013 – “How is the Constitution still relevant today?”

2014 – “Rewrite the Declaration of Independence in your own words.”

2015 – “Name five things you learned when you read the Constitution and write a paragraph about each.”

2016 – “If the 1787 Constitution were presented today, would it be ratified? Why, or why not?”

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